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Why Rent From My Cinema Flix?
1) We are a local stays local
2) NO! 28 day wait on New Release Movies like redbox
3) Movies are in Original packaging in case you want to buy
4) Great Customer Service...You actually get to talk to a Real person

So Dont wait...Pass the word along to all of your friends that we are Better than redbox.

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        How the Kiosk Works!                                    


"My Cinema Flix is looking forward to providing you the Service & Convenience Everyone Demands"      

My Cinema Flix     
Find the Locations below that are located nearest you

     1) Hermann Fuel Mart - Hwy 19 - Hermann, MO
    2) Elsberry IGA - 401 N. Main, Elsberry, MO
    3) Conoco - 125 John Deer Drive, Moscow Mills, MO
    4) Abel's Quik Shop - 708 W Hwy 54, Vandalia, MO 
    5) K & R Market - Hwy 47. - Marthasville , MO
    6) Abel's Quik Shop - 100 Shinn Lane, Hannibal,MO   



401 N Main St
401 N Main St
401 N Main St
Renting or Buying from My Cinema Flix Kiosks is as EASY as using an ATM...

1.) Look through the glass to pick your movie
2.) swipe your credit / debit card
3.) Enter the number of your selection on the touch screen
4.) The movie slides out of the dispenser










My Cinema Flix Kiosks offer...

  • FREE Memebership (both kiosks) 
  • Reserve your movies online (re kiosk only)
  • Find the Latest New Release movie every Week
  • Transparent windows for Easy Browsing of Titles
  • Monthly and Weekly promotions
  • Customers can rent a movie and return it within 10 minutes for $0.0 charge
  • DVD's are rented in the Original packaging in case you may want to Buy in the future to add to your movie collection  
  • Locally Owned and Operated!

 Thank You!   Again...

  "My Cinema Flix is looking forward to providing you the Service & Convenience Everyone Demands"






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